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We value your education

Kick start your career today

Graduate Overview


Stoke-on-Trent, UK

Are you eager to embark on a dynamic and diverse career path, contributing to both the Company’s continued growth and your personal development?

Why choose Finance?

Our Finance Graduate Scheme offers a hands-on experience with exciting projects within a Finance department boasting a team of over 100 professionals. This ensures you not only contribute to the Company's success but also realise your full potential for a prosperous career with us.

As a member of our team, you will delve into various key functions within our Finance department, providing you with opportunities to gain expertise in areas such as Management and Statutory Accounts, Financial Reporting, Planning and Analysis, Regulatory and Gaming, Bank Reconciliation and Operational Finance.

Applications Closed

Applications are currently closed but rest assured we will be accepting applications again in the near future.

Why choose bet365?

  • Immerse yourself in a fast-paced and dynamic work environment where you can make an immediate impact.
  • Become part of a culture that champions positive personal growth and development.
  • Engage in technically challenging projects within a fulfilling work environment.
  • Take advantage of an extensive training and development programme.
  • Enjoy a competitive package and bonus scheme.
  • Benefit from an excellent study package and workplace support to rapidly attain professional qualification.

Our Finance Department

Within our Finance Department, we have five specialised teams, each entrusted with its unique set of responsibilities, objectives, and goals. However, despite their individual focus, these teams are united by a common vision. Explore the details below to gain insight into the distinct roles and functions of each team.

Management and Statutory Accounts Team

Our dedicated Management and Statutory Accounts Team plays a pivotal role in preparing comprehensive management and statutory accounts for a diverse portfolio of companies. Operating under various reporting standards such as FRS 102, IFRS, and US GAAP, the team thrives on the intellectual challenges posed by the complexity of these standards.

With a strong emphasis on effective communication, as the team adeptly manages relationships with advisors and auditors worldwide. This involves seamless coordination for the reporting, preparation, and filing of accounts. Additionally, the team provides vital commercial reporting to our international partners, contributing to an exciting and rapidly expanding aspect of our business.

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Financial Reporting, Planning and Analysis Team

The primary mission of our Financial Reporting, Planning and Analysis Team is to deliver timely financial information crucial for supporting strategic decision-making. This dynamic objective encompasses coordinating the Group budget, preparing forecasts, and formulating business plans for expansion into new markets, among other responsibilities. Operating within a vibrant environment, our team collaborates seamlessly with departments across the globe. We provide valuable financial insights that contribute to informed decision-making and play a key role in the strategic growth of our organisation.

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Bank Reconciliation Team

As a crucial component of our operations, the Bank Reconciliation Team takes charge of designing and implementing new systems, controls, and processes. Their focus is on ensuring accurate and efficient application of funds to customer accounts. Operating within a fast-paced environment, team members maintain regular communication with Product Development, MIS, and Payment teams. Engaging in a spectrum of projects, from introducing innovative payment methods to developing reconciliations tailored for emerging markets, this team thrives on dynamic challenges and continuous improvement.

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Regulatory and Gaming Team

Our Regulatory and Gaming Team excels in dynamic projects, especially when entering new markets. This involves analysing regulations, establishing processes, and collaborating with bet365 departments and external regulators. Once operational in a new market, the team handles financial regulatory obligations, including tax preparation, reporting, reconciliations and audits. The varied tasks make this role dynamic and engaging.

The Gaming Team specialises in reconciling gaming data for accuracy. Beyond internal operations, we provide detailed revenue reports to external Gaming providers, maintaining regular communication with other departments. This collaboration ensures seamless support for introducing new gaming products or providers, highlighting our essential role in the dynamic gaming landscape.

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Operational Finance Team

At the forefront of our financial operations, the Operational Finance Team plays a pivotal role in managing our diverse banking requirements, fostering relationships with numerous banks worldwide. Their expertise extends beyond routine financial transactions as they meticulously handle critical reconciliations. This involves ensuring the accuracy of transactional data, safeguarding the integrity of customer accounts, and maintaining compliance with global financial standards.

In this dynamic team, members actively contribute to the continuous improvement of our financial processes. The collaborative environment allows for innovative solutions and efficient problem-solving, making every day a new opportunity to excel.

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I joined the bet365 Finance Team nearly 3 years ago after completing my Finance degree. Initially, I learned the basics, the structure, the culture, and how the business operates, subsequently moving on to tasks such as process improvements, trai...
I joined the bet365 Finance Team nearly 3 years ago after completing my Finance degree. Initially, I learned the basics, the structure, the culture, and how the business operates, subsequently moving on to tasks such as process improvements, training new staff and, best of all, project work on new developments.

As the company has expanded into newly regulated markets, project work has been an increasingly important part of our work and is my favourite part of the job. It is rewarding to be part of a new market launch; from the early stage of planning through to the ’go-live’ launch and then ensuring all the post ’go-live’ requirements are met. And there seems to be an endless stream of new projects.

A key ethos of the company is constant improvement, of both our work and our personal skills and understanding. I’ve been able to learn, not just from my managers, but also from other team members and other departments.
The Finance team works collaboratively to achieve its goals. The team is, for me, the best thing about working at bet365. We are active socially outside of work, with my immediate team and as the whole finance department. This has helped create a vibrant and positive culture in work.

The company promotes obtaining your accountancy qualification as quickly as possible. To achieve this, the company provides funding for study support to complete your qualifications. I’m currently half way through CIMA. There’s lots of other students in the department so there’s always plenty of support from them, and advice from others who are now qualified.

My managers have always been very approachable and supportive, in my time I’ve progressed to a Team Leader and I know that with the constant expansion of the company, opportunities for progression will always be there, especially after completing my qualifications.