The Trading team provides betting opportunities on more than 80 sports and delivers an industry-leading product.

An extensive variety of pre-game markets is complimented by the live betting portfolio. This offers In-Play odds on a large range of markets, including sports and entertainment events from around the globe, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

By using in-house developed trading tools and features, the dynamic Trading team focuses on delivering more markets, on more sports than any other operator.

Each department within Trading plays a crucial role in providing that comprehensive betting selection.

Pre-Game Trading+

The Pre-Game Trading team is responsible for managing all pre-event betting markets offered by bet365. By using in-house tools, the team constantly monitors bet placement. It will adjust odds based on numerous sources of information, whilst keeping a close eye on liabilities to ensure risk is mitigated.

In-Play Trading+

The In-Play Trading team is responsible for covering all live In-Play betting events offered by bet365. The team will monitor and adjust data such as scores and time information, with the aim of providing accurate ‘live’ odds based on specific periods of a sporting or entertainment event. Odds move rapidly as developments occur within each respective event and customers' stakes on betting markets are managed.

Odds Compilation+

The Odds Compilation team sets the odds for events – such as sporting outcomes – for customers to place bets on. The odds are derived from analysis of information, which can be highly statistical, or can require more intuition and insight into a specific set of circumstances related to an event. The goal of the Odds Compilation team is to prepare the most comprehensive betting range possible, combined with accurate odds, which the Trading teams can then manage.

Trading Control+

The Trading Control team provides the timely and accurate settlement of markets and monitors Trading pages displayed on all of the available bet365 betting platforms. Its role is to ensure the Trading teams can offer markets in a time-efficient manner; to ensure customers’ bets are settled in a timely and accurate manner; to maximise the betting experience with the company; and to ensure the information and betting data listed on all of bet365's platforms is accurate.

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