Information Technology

Innovation in technology lies at the heart of the bet365 business and has done since day one.

When the company was established in 2000, no one knew how betting would evolve online. However, while competitors continued to focus on replicating the offline experience on the Internet, bet365's founder, Denise Coates CBE, transitioned from pure Sportsbook to focus on In-Play betting.

Cracking the technically challenging In-Play betting would be the first of many breakthroughs bet365 would achieve on its way to becoming a world-leading online brand.

Today the demand for - and complexity of - its offering has made bet365's technical infrastructure and systems some of the most advanced of any business working online.

Demand for its products and services has also meant that bet365 is fast approaching the limit of what traditional technology can offer. Its team of developers are working to solve the challenge through software and, in doing so, are helping to deliver a new paradigm in Enterprise and Internet technology.

bet365 is always on the lookout for new members to join its development team; people who have a pioneering spirit and are not afraid of venturing into new territory.

bet365's IT development is managed and executed 100% in-house by a team of more than 300. The team is split across 11 areas:

Middleware Systems+

The Middleware team is at the forefront of distributed computing development. Using Java, C++ and .Net they are helping to create bet365's personal cloud so that the company can meet the ever-increasing demand that its users place on the back-end database system.

Flash Systems+

The Flash team is responsible for the real-time In-Play betting product. They develop the rich online multi-media experience that creates a fully interactive site enabling our customers to access a wide range of features.

They are also pushing the boundaries of content delivery. Using industry-leading Push Technologies, they ensure bet365's members and partners have real-time odds information on any sport at their fingertips.

Mobile and Tablets+

The Mobile team is working to ensure that bet365's users receive the same rich experience that can be had online, on every mobile phone or tablet device.

Research and Development+

A dynamic team of development and infrastructure individuals looking at the future of the bet365's systems across a variety of existing and new technologies. How can they scale? How can they be best in class? What technologies are available to enable us to answer and fulfil our requirements to these questions. Sometimes moving away from what we know and looking at fit for purpose solutions to our problems is what Research and Development is all about.

Back Office Development+

The Back Office Development uses .Net to produce tools for customer and content management on the website. These tools, which are used by the traders, allow for real-time updates of data on the website.

Database Administration+

The DBAs manage the smooth running of bet365's database real estate. These are primarily MS SQL servers and are among some of the largest and most complex SQL server systems in the world.

Product Development+

bet365's development teams are constantly innovating and coming up with ideas for overcoming the tough technical challenges the company faces. The Product Development team tests and proves new technology and software before it goes live across the whole company.

Casino, Games, Poker and Bingo+

This team is responsible for the areas of the site that do not involve sports betting. They build websites that support the casino, poker, bingo and other online gaming offerings in .Net.


The Infrastructure department consists of the following teams:

Network architects and security - this team designs, builds, manages and monitors the bet365 core network and security systems including the WAN and Internet systems.

Operations/NOC - this is a 24/7 team that monitor all devices and systems within the bet365 infrastructure.

Systems architecture - the team designs the architecture for all of the HA systems (including storage solutions). They also carry out capacity management.

Systems delivery - the systems delivery team provision applications to the server platforms, both physical and virtual.

Systems engineering - this team is responsible for the physical build of all the servers and storage systems.

IT Service+

The IT Service department contains the following teams:

IT service desk - provides first-line support to the desktop estate.

Core systems - this team manages the desktop estate and is also responsible for the delivery of email and thin client systems.

Information Security+

The Information Security team ensures that bet365 meets the strict compliance requirements set by the UK Gaming Commission. They make sure all development is completed according to best practice. In addition, it is responsible for security across the whole company including application security and penetration testing.

Management Information Systems+

The MIS team is responsible for providing the systems that track and monitor activity across the entire web estate, ensuring the effective and efficient delivery of customer service.

It has the ability to take bet-specific actions on sporting events while they are in progress.


The Compliance team ensures that the bet365 business is in compliance in line with its responsibilities.

These include, but are not limited to ‘local’ regulations within the applicable jurisdictions in which the business operates.